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Powder Game

Author: ha55ii
Year Released: 2007
Source: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/
Genre: Sandbox
Simulation game that reproduces all sorts of elements with powder!

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Sandbox Games:

Powder Game 2

Author: ha55ii
Year Created: 2011
Source: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/
Genre: Sandbox
Sequel to 'Powder Game' and introduced more realistic physical calculations and powders.
Patched to remove the dot limit and object limit.

Free Rider 2

Author: Pete / OneMoreLevel / Trackmill
Year Created: 2008
Source: http://trackmill.com/free-rider-2
Genre: Sandbox
Free Rider 2 is a bike riding game with a DIY track-drawing feature.
This is the trackmill version and has been patched to have better compatibility with Ruffle and get around the site lock for a now, dead site.
Arrows = Move,
Z = Flip direction,
B = Bail / Ragdoll,
CTRL + Click = Pan,
Enter = Reset,
P = Pause,
U = Undo Line,
I = Undo Scenery

Interactive Buddy

Author: Shock Value
Year Created: 2005
Source: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/218014
Genre: Sandbox
Interactive Buddy is an arcade game where you interact with your virtual buddy

Line Rider

Author: Bostjan Cadez
Year Created: 2006
Source: https://www.linerider.com
Genre: Sandbox
Line Rider is a sandbox game where you can draw lines with the mouse for 'Bosh' to ride on with his sled after the player presses the 'Play' button.
This is the last version based on flash referred to as 6.7

Tinker Ball

Author: Invention Playhouse
Year Created: 2007
Source: https://invention.si.edu/tinker-ball
Genre: Sandbox
How many different ways can you make the tennis ball reach the goal?